Q: Is coaching for you?

A: If you had the opportunity to be a better individual, if there were facets of you that have not been explored, talents and strengths not optimized, wouldn’t you want to unleash them? Coaching taps on strengths that you already own. Coaching propels you to go from good to great, from a mediocre life to a meaningful one! 

Q: How does one determine which specific areas in your life need to be addressed through coaching?

A: A coaching fit is established at the consultation stage. It all begins with a conversation and energy exchange between two individuals. A needs assessment follows and a mutually agreed upon set of expectations, approach and schedule is laid out, evolving and adjusting in the process.

Q: How long does one need to see a coach? 

A: For one to truly appreciate and benefit from a successful coaching relationship, it is highly recommended that enough time be allotted for success mileage. A coaching session typically takes an hour to an hour and a half.  A series of 4-6 sessions conducted at least every other week would be a reasonable timeframe to meet the objectives that were set, see them through and execute and evaluate action plans that worked. 

Q: How often would one need a coach?

A: Upon completion of a series of sessions the client may choose to pursue another goal altogether. A process check is conducted midway and post coaching to determine the effectiveness and fulfillment level, realigning goals if necessary.

Q: Why the focus on women?

A: Women of today’s generation face multiple demands and endless commitments oftentimes feeling depleted of energy, taken for granted or unacknowledged. More women today straddle career and personal roles and many reach a high level of frustration, feeling unfulfilled in the balancing act. Centering and recollecting, inevitably ignite new energy to face the same challenging scenario with a newfound strength and outlook.

Q: Why the focus on girl power/girl

A: Internal and external rapid changes during this vulnerable stage encompass physical, emotional, social and psychological issues. These often make it a struggle dealing with the significant relationships that surround girls. An inner confidence and positive self-image can be a common challenge to obtain. True Gait provides the support and space to help her through this fragile stage. 

Q: Why the use of non-traditional methods of coaching?

A: The creative and unique ways of coaching an individual is what sets True Gait apart from other coaching practices. Research, interviews and training prior to setting up True Gait had been conducted to support True Gait’s views and methods. Maria herself had undergone the equine facilitated approach as a coached individual. She was convinced that horses and nature as well as art energy are powerful instruments to wellbeing.  Clients have provided positive feedback on the style and space used thus far and Maria continues to research and learn new breakthroughs in the coaching industry, women studies, equine, art and nature as facilitation tools.      

A: TG’s Service and offerings cater to all and actually have a gender balance and intergenerational demographic.

Q: IS True Gait’s clientele strictly for female?