Coaching & Consulting

True Gait LLC is a privately run Coaching & Consulting Practice whose primary aim is to bring out the full potential or “best self” in an individual or individuals in a team. The main focus of this practice is on unleashing the individual’s power to create an intentional change to pave the way for a better “self” and ultimately, a consistent and sustainable BEST self. Creating positive steps can be critical in one’s unique learning journey towards wholeness. By providing the space for thought partnering, self-discovery is achieved through mindfulness and a sincere dialogue in a safe environment.


True Gait Offers:
Organizations Leadership Assessment
Leadership Coaching
Competency Assessment
Team Enhancement
Process Improvement [Pertaining to Employee Motivation]
Learning Style Evaluation
Vision Workshops Utilizing AI (Appreciative Inquiry)
Talent Sourcing
Executive Search
Career Guidance
Change Management