• Resume editing

  • Mock Interviews

  • Tackling Tough Interview questions

  • Get on the Shortlist!

  • Professional leadership goals

  • team enhancement

  • vision/mission

  • ghostwriting/copywriting

  • speech Critiquing

  • presentation preparation

  • Leadership/executive coaching

  • roleplayinG

“I need a career change, where do I begin?”

True Gait will help identify your current career status, explore your competencies and help point you in the direction that combines your skills set with the ideal career environment.

"I need the basics. I have not updated my resume in years. How do I sell myself effectively?"

Recruitment today has evolved and talent pools are competitive. The resume is key, but so is your Linked-In profile, your network spaces, and your associations. True Gait will help you navigate through multiple ways of presenting your BEST SELF.

"I often don't get past the first interview because I am so nervous and fail to give a good impression."

Simulating the actual interviews will not only build confidence but train you to maintain your composure, allowing you to articulate your responses which reflect your impressive qualifications.

“I just got promoted and I need to manage a team. I need to be more assertive and improve my communication skills.”

We all have different learning styles. Yet we can flex into other styles when necessary and learn to empower other members in the team without force. Setting goals that demonstrate behavior you would want to display more through role playing helps understand situational leadership and provides you the tools on how to impact others effectively.



True Gait's  primary aim is to bring out the full potential in an individual or individuals in a team. The main focus of this practice is encouraging the individual to create an intentional change to aspire to BEST SELF. The journey towards wholeness is through safe space, reflection, feedback, assessing what is helpful to the process and what isn’t. YOU are the driver to your success. Your personal goals are intertwined with your professional ones so your well being in both spaces are equally important.

Women of Influence


Women oftentimes reach a crossroads and find themselves in “transition.” You may desire to reinvent or repurpose. Redirecting your path to where you want to be is always an enriching experience. Most women are in a position of influence at home, at work and within community settings. They make a huge impact in their circles with their unique leadership.



Girls in their “tweens,” teens or even early twenties can be faced with choices and important decisions that outweigh their confidence and self-initiative. Even as they transition into adults, there remains the “girl” in each who shaped them into the woman they are today. True Gait guides youth into an awareness of both reality and aspirations, providing ownership for intentional changes to bridge the gap. Creating positive experiences and confidence early on, will certainly resonate into her adult life.